We're a couple months out from stripping the cotton here, but at least farmers can work by the light of the moon tonight.

I caught the big beautiful moon this morning just in time to remind me that the moon hits 100% full tonight. The moon hits it's absolute fullest phase tonight at 9:52, a perfect time for skywatching on the back porch.

The Harvest Moon is also known as the Corn Moon, but since not every people are corn people, some areas just call it the Harvest Moon.

I'm not that big on lunar theory or the idea that people are affected by a full moon, but I know people in various professions who swear it's a real deal. Myself, I believe that people just remember stuff that happens during a full moon, or blame otherwise regular incidences as happening "because of the full moon".  Let's just say that there are a lot of nurses, police officers and others expecting a busy night tonight.

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