It's the worst feeling in the world, you walk up to your car in the morning, or coming out of the store...and see a pile of broken glass that wasn't there before. Or, even worse, you notice that the glass is where your car USED TO BE. It's a sickening feeling, and it's happening more and more often in the Hub City.

Photo by Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash
Photo by Tikkho Maciel on Unsplash

"Dude, where's my car?"

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In the past couple of weeks, Lubbock PD and the Lubbock Crime Map have indicated more than 80 incidents of burglary involving a vehicle. That's an average of around 5 per day.

I have also been a victim of a car thief, as my ex-wife and I actually WATCHED someone hop into her car and speed off a few years ago. Mind you, starting the car to warm it up, and walking back into the house wasn't the best we weren't blameless here.

However, it was the opportunity that created the situation, and most car thieves are simply looking for the path of least resistance. If it's easy to steal, they'll probably take it. However, some thieves aren't as interested in the car, as they are what's inside.

Normally, we hear more stories of auto break-ins and theft around the holidays, yet the warmer months also attract a less than savory element. In a story from, one woman went to her car to retrieve a pen, and left it unlocked. She then saw a note from her neighbor that they had spotted someone rummaging through her car and had chased them off.

Another item that is sought after in vehicle break-ins, are firearms. In Texas, we love our guns, and thieves know that some drivers tend to leave a weapon in a vehicle "just in case". Many auto break-ins involve a stolen gun, which is then used in the commission of another crime.  Experts recommend not leaving guns of any kind in a vehicle, much less in sight from the window.

It's really common sense, don't give a thief any temptation to look at your car as an opportunity and your chances of being a victim could go down exponentially. Stow any personal belongings out of sight, so that they are out of mind for a criminal.


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