I love the movie Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. So much so that I commissioned a painting of myself as Miss Mona Stangley (via Dolly Pardon), and I play Hard Candy Christmas on repeat throughout the month of December. And of course, who doesn't love the late, great Burt Reynolds?

Painting by Erika Jane Amerika
Painting by Erika Jane Amerika

So of course I'm thrilled that our own Lubbock Community Theater is putting on a production of the stage version of Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, which- this is the best part- is based off a totally true story.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a rollicking hootenanny of a musical, is based on the true story of a legendary Texas brothel, which operated from the 1840s to 1973. Protected by a friendly sheriff and frequented by politicians, football teams, and others, the “Chicken Ranch” thrived in the small town of Gilbert, Texas. Girls came from all over to work at the ranch and make a little extra cash. However, a crusading do-gooder Houston radio commentator and his conservative audience expose the Chicken Ranch, forcing it to shut its doors forever.

LCT production will be performed at LHUCA's Firehouse Theater (511 Ave. K) for several dates throughout mid-October. To purchase tickets head over to ticketstothecity.com

For more information, or to let them know your coming, head over to the Facebook Event Page. 

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