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The Lubbock County Medical Society is urging Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope to enforce the city's COVID-19 ordinances and guidelines to increase the number of masks being worn and decrease the number of people in large gatherings.

Lubbock was recently ranked in the top eight U.S. counties for average daily COVID-19 deaths in a John Hopkins study, and if you take a stroll around town, it's pretty clear many people still simply refuse to acknowledge our city is in crisis.

A letter, sent by Lubbock County Medical Society 2020 President Ashley Sturgeon, M.D., states that medical workers in the area have seen an overwhelming increase of patients with the virus at University Medical Center as well as Covenant Health Systems.

The letter says in part:

We have over 23,000 total cases and more than 250 deaths - and those numbers are increasing every day.  This week, because of the increasing number of patients who must be hospitalized and the decreasing number of available hospital and ICU beds, we are setting up tents at both UMC and Covenant. What this means for the Lubbock community is that space for non-COVID patients is extremely limited and therefore non-COVID medical issues cannot be treated and must be sent elsewhere. This often means that patients will choose not to come to the hospital and risk serious injury or consequences.

Mainly, this letter is begging Mayor Pope to enforce three incredibly important measures:

  1. Limit gatherings of people to 10 or less
  2. Properly wear your mask at all times
  3. Keep yourself socially distant and 6 feet away from others

It all seems pretty simple and straightforward to me. Adhering to these guidelines could mean the difference between life and death. What do you think? Comment below or send us a message on the FMX app.

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