Many Lubbock residents have been wondering whether or not they would see a huge increase in their LP&L bills after the crazy winter storm we dealt with in February. Most people are reporting only a slight change, but one couple saw a huge difference in their power bill.

Lisa and Doug expected to pay a little bit extra on their electricity for the month a polar vortex roared through Texas. It was cold. The weather sucked. Everything went wrong. They imagined the most they might pay was an extra $100 for the heat that they rarely use the rest of the year.

Nope. Not even close.

Doug D.
Doug D.

The couple received an LP&L bill that totaled a whopping $718.50, which is astronomical compared to their bill for the month of January, a dainty $191.38.

"I opened it and I was telling Doug, 'is this right?' It's over 700 dollars," Lisa told me. "No way! How is it this damn much?!"

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I mean, we're talking a $527.12 increase. How can that be accurate? That's the price to provide heat and electricity for two adults and their baby? What a load of crap! I can't say I'm completely shocked. LP&L is known for ridiculous tomfoolery. I don't even have to tell you guys that. You already know.

Lisa and Doug confirmed with LP&L that the charges are not a mistake, but something about it just seems unethical and wild to me.

Tell us about your new bill in a comment below or on our FMX Facebook page. Is it crazy too?!

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