I put out the call for pictures of dogs playing in the snow and I was not disappointed.


The Big Snow Day!

Some of these dogs are absolutely blissed out. Some are a little "not having it". Some are just on a quick potty break. It's just plain fun to see these dogs try to figure out what the heck snow is, and how it works.

A Variety Of Contributions

Yes, I love seeing all of the different breeds out there. It's also hilarious when the little dogs are pictured and they are up to their no-no places in snow.  If you look close you can even see a pair of pups become semi-working dogs, as their owner is attempting to get them to pull him around on skis.


In addition to the dogs we also had a few cats and even some "snow donkeys" (Yes, we had snow donkeys). And just when I thought the cat in the sling bed summed up all cats attitudes towards snow, we got a great shot of a couple of cats playing in the white stuff.

There's More

If you really enjoy the gallery below, then scroll to the very end for the embed of the original Facebook post, because many people posted videos of their pets playing in the snow and that's amazing a fun to watch as well. Before we get to it, thanks to all of you wonderful FMX listeners for sharing your pet pics with us, it is truly heartwarming that you both took the pics and took the time to share them with us.

Lubbock Snow Dogs

Gallery Credit: nessmania


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