Guys, please stop sharing this post! I know you've probably seen in circulating around Facebook in Lubbock, especially on the garage sale pages and whatnot. It's a post with a photo of a boy and a sob story about how the child is missing. It's totally fake and even the photo of the "missing boy" is different from one spam post to the next.

Here's just one example of the post I saw yesterday:


It's always the same description about a boy named "Tyler" but the photo seems to change depending on who is sharing it. It's easy to tell that isn't real because the pages that are putting it out are clearly fake people. If a Facebook user posts something like this and only has 1 or 2 Facebook friends and a brand new profile, 9 times out of 10 they are NOT a real person.

Here are even MORE versions of the same fake story:

You've got to do a little bit of research before sharing posts like this. You don't want people to spend their time looking for a child that isn't actually missing. Plus, it's a scammer putting it out. You wouldn't want to get involved with someone that is trying to hustle you for money or anything else.

Be aware of this stupid scam and STOP sharing it! It's driving me totally nuts. Every single day I think it's over, and then I see it again. Make sure to tell your friends and family that are reposting this that it is totally fake.

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