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Okay, this seems like the most obvious conclusion in history, but bacon is amazing. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. Heck, people infuse vodka with bacon, wrap it around veggies they hate, and even use it to attract a mate (you now know how my wife landed me: with a trail of bacon).

Conversely, we've all heard of deep-fried Oreos. It's a staple on the carnival circuit, and may be responsible for over 75 percent of the cases of obesity in America (statistics not verified). Now, someone has taken the awesomeness of bacon and Oreos and created magic.


God Bless you, @kellyfentonmn. You're doing The Lord's work.

Now, in her recipe, she uses a Traeger Pellet Smoker to create these little hockey pucks of Heavenly goodness. There are no actual directions, times, etc. on how to create these in the way that Kelly describes here. However, I'm sure that no one is going to mind a little trial and error in the name of bacon-wrapped science.

To that point, I have an alternate method, which could be just as amazing, and almost as deadly.


For those of us not blessed with a Traeger or even a small hibachi in our backyard, I propose a method tat most Texans are very well-versed in: Fry those little suckers.

Fry, Piggie, Fry...and make my Oreos even more delectable.

Of course, this requires a deep fryer or pan that can handle a volume of cooking oil and the displacement of bacon and Oreos. Keep the cookie in the hot oil long enough for the bacon to cook thoroughly, and then let drain on a rack or paper towel.

Then, enjoy.

Just try not to eat too many because, you know, arterial blockage.

Ahhh, who am I kidding? I've had a good run. Pass me another bacon puck.

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