Yes, those are cinnamon rolls that feature a hefty sprinkling of bacon on top. If you're one of the world's bacon addicts, of which there are many, there's only one place to be for the next month, and that place is United Supermarkets.

From April 7th until May 4th, every United Supermarkets, Market Street and Amigos location will hold the first-ever Bacon Fest. What is Bacon Fest? It's exactly what it sounds like: a festival of bacon.

Throughout the next month, every United Family store will be providing a huge selection of bacon and bacon-related products. I never knew I needed a selection of 'bacon-related products,' but now that it's being offered, it's a must-have.

United says that some of the featured bacon items making an appearance during Bacon Fest will be bacon mac and cheese, BLT pizza, bacon cookies, chocolate-covered bacon, bacon cinnamon rolls and more.

They had me at bacon, but dear god, what is a bacon cookie!?

"We are so excited to launch our first Bacon Fest," said Scott Nettles, director of meat and seafood for the United Family, in a press release about the event. "From bacon cinnamon rolls to bacon-wrapped items to put on the grill, Bacon Fest is going to give us an opportunity to remind everyone of the great ways they can use bacon as well as some ways they may not have thought of before. Some say you can't buy happiness, but we have created some incredible new bacon items and we hope that will get you pretty close!"

In addition to the Bacon Fest, there will be a Bacon and Brews event on April 17th at the Taphouse location inside the Market Street at 98th and Quaker from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will consist of the three Bs: Beer, Bacon and Blive Music. I might have forced that one.

If I was to dream up the perfect festival in Lubbock, beer and bacon would certainly be at the top of my list, so thank you United Supermarkets, I'll see you soon.

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