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Fentanyl continues to be a problem in Texas and throughout the nation. School districts around the state have reported overdose cases related to fentanyl for months now, and in Lubbock, the problem is growing.

According to KAMC, the Lubbock Health Department has been able to confirm one, non-fatal fentanyl overdose that occurred in a local school. The Health Department didn't release many details but according to KAMC, health officials believe that a local student used either a vape or edible that was laced with fentanyl.

What is even more disturbing is that there could be even cases according to KAMC.

 “The age of onset, which determines the likelihood of somebody having addiction issues in the future and struggling, is really low in West Texas. There are some studies that show that we have youth starting to use substances at 8-years-old here, and then we have a pretty high number who started about 13,” said Meagan Miller, Behavioral Health Manager for City of Lubbock.

Fentanyl, even in tiny doses, can be fatal, but city health officials have other concerns too.

“They could become addicted to nicotine, start vaping THC, and then now, we’re seeing the potential of that being laced with fentanyl as well,” Miller explained. “It’s not just something you’re doing to fit in with your friends, but it’s something that could potentially be dangerous in the short term and definitely in the long term."

In an interview that will air this weekend on KFYO. Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe discusses the increase in fentanyl that they are seeing coming into Lubbock County and what parents should do.

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