A fight that took place last week involving several students in the Coronado High School cafeteria was a topic of discussion during The RockShow with Kelly and Wes.

Lubbock ISD students took time out of their morning to call in to The RockShow and give their thoughts about the fight and the school district policies regarding such incidents.

One student said "the system is screwed" when referring to a policy that punishes students for fighting back when another student starts a fight. He went on to say that his mom always told him "you better not start a fight, but if you're getting picked on and bullied, you damn well finish it."

A Lubbock High School senior called in to explain the "neutral stance" policy in effect at the school and acknowledged that some days, or even weeks, are designated by groups of students for starting fights on campus.

Listen to the full conversation with Lubbock ISD students below:

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