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Have you ever wondered, "Do I have COVID?" but you just didn't want to get out and get tested or maybe you couldn't find a test? Well, if that's you or maybe you just want a test for future use, the United States Postal Service is here for you.

The Biden Administration launched its website on Tuesday for Americans who want to order COVID-19 testing kits. The site, COVIDTests.gov, gives you a bunch of information about the rapid antigen tests that you can sign up to have sent to you. The link to actually order the tests takes you to the United States Postal Service's website. This is where you'll actually be ordering the COVID-19 testing kits.

There's a limit of one kit per residential address. The kits come with four at-home rapid antigen COVID-19 tests. According to the postal service's website, orders will ship in late January.

There is no money coming out of your pocket for these tests.

According to WFAA, these tests are meant to be used in the future, not if you are feeling sick right now:

The White House says “tests will typically ship within 7-12 days of ordering” through the U.S. Postal Service.

Americans will need to request the tests well before they meet the guidelines for requiring them since USPS shipping times are at least 1-3 days. The tests should be ordered and kept until somebody in your household starts to feel sick with COVID-like symptoms.

Those symptoms include fever, sore throat, respiratory issues and muscle aches.

You should also be tested a few days after you've had close contact with somebody who has contracted COVID-19.

The administration was supposed to launch the site on Wednesday, so it's not known how long the site will be running on Tuesday. But if you want to order COVID-19 testing kits, you can.

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