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If you've attended the Wolfforth Farmers Market, chances are you've already discovered the incredible artisanal sodas of Mano Negra Brewing Co., available every Saturday.

Now, the business is steadily working on a beautiful brick-and-mortar store inside the enchanting Cactus Alley Shopping Center (2610 Salem Ave).

I had a wonderful conversation with them about the short-term and long-term plans for their new space. In addition to craft sodas, Mano Negra will offer craft beers and craft Sangria as well.

The brewery is an homage to this family's Puerto Rican heritage:

It all started back in 2016 after a heart attack but the idea of opening a brewery was there since 2013. The reason I tell you this is because on May 2017 we ran our first farmers market. But it all started in The Caribbean on the little island of Puerto Rico. And yes everyone asks me what was I thinking-moving to Lubbock in the middle of nowhere.

Hey, I get it. Lubbock might not be for everyone, but it's my favorite place, too.

So we made our own beer and Sangria since we have a lot of Spanish  heritage and have friends and family taste it and people really like it.

I am so ready for this unique and lovely place to open. The hardest part will be deciding what drink will be my first. As I love all things craft beer, soda, and sangria.

And I did ask the question you probably have right now: can I get my favorite booze in my craft soda? They know you want this, and the long-term plan is for a full bar. Now, if you get a craft soda to go, what you do with it at home is your business. And for your business, I recommend the Mojito soda with rum.

Here are some great shots of the new location, the Farmer's Market location, and some of their craft beer offerings.

Mano Negra Opening Soon in Lubbock, Texas

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