How many times have you ordered ice cream from McDonald's in Lubbock only to be told that the ice cream machine doesn't work? We're guessing at least a time or two, and if you have kids, you've probably attempted to get them a sweet treat a dozen times and have been told the same story.

One Lubbock resident took to Facebook to "mark a moment in history" after discovering that the ice cream machine at the McDonald's on 82nd and Slide is actually working, and added a photo of her daughter enjoying a cone. Oh boy! Everyone rush out and get yourself a cone to soothe the soreness you've felt after years of requesting one, only to be told 'no.'

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Word on the street is that employees claim it isn't working because it takes forever to clean and up to four hours to sanitize. The machine also has to be cleaned every single day. When the machines are being cleaned, they cannot serve ice cream. Well, that makes sense, but...

You just have to wonder if they are truly cleaning them when they turn you away for a cone. It would actually probably be better to tell a customer that they are being cleaned rather than that they are actually broken.

All I know is that McDonald's ice cream is like drugs: Hard to find, never enough for everyone, and possibly worth killing over. Okay, well that might be a bit dramatic, but I haven't had it in a million years and today might be a good day to grab a cone.

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