Breakfast? Coffee companion? Dessert? How about all of the above?

On September 14th, Lubbock McDonald's customers will have a new sweet treat option: the cheese Danish. And since its available all day, you can decide which category the cheese danish falls under. I choose "all of the above."

But there's a twist!

The McDonald's cheese Danish isn't actually new to everyone. Apparently it was included on the menu in the 1980s. Food Network went so far as to call it a "classic" and called it "a blast from the past." A classic blast from the past? That would be getting your Happy Meal in a plastic green witch bucket.

I think McDonald's brought back the cheese Danish because cheese Danishes are extremely delicious. It's also just a smart choice for McDonald's to make, as the bakery items don't have a limited daily availability:

The cheese Danish joins its McCafé bakery lineup, an assortment of baked goods it introduced in 2020 to help invigorate its once-sagging breakfast sales. Similar to its other bakery items, including an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon roll, the cheese Danish is available all day.

New fall flavors fall typically into a few categories: maple, pumpkin spice or apple cider. These are all A+ flavor choices, but it's nice to have a new option that doesn't necessarily fall into the new fall food mold. The sweetness and richness of a cheese Danish is the perfect pairing for a tall cup of black coffee, and that's fall-time enough for me.

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