Lubbock native Kenneth Copeland has done it again, bringing down a condemnation of COVID-19 so righteous that a heavy metal guitar accompaniment not only makes sense, but actually rules.

Guitar virtuoso Andre Antunes added this video just yesterday (December 7th), which is a testament to the fact that I hit that "subscribe" button hard and fast after seeing his last video featuring the televangelist.

Here is Kenneth Copeland, Part 2, Wind of God, in all its heavy glory:

The echoing repetition of the other preachers (pastors? evangelists?) add a pretty creepy/cool element to this found-object of a song.

Copeland, like most prosperity gospel evangelists, is a controversial figure for many, both of the Christian faith and outside of it. His Wikipedia page lists six separate controversy categories, including the usage of donated funds, and (sigh) spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

He went so far as to claim COVID-19 was "finished" back in March, and we all know that hasn't actually panned out:

On March 29, 2020, in a televised sermon, Copeland "executed judgement" on COVID-19. He claimed that it was "finished" and "over" and that the US was now "healed and well again".[5] In another sermon shortly thereafter, Copeland claimed to destroy the virus with the "wind of God", saying "I blow the wind of God on you. You are destroyed forever, and you'll never be back. Thank you, God. Let it happen. Cause it to happen."[5]

As many lost their jobs in the economic crisis that the outbreak caused, Copeland told followers to continue paying tithes even if they lost their jobs.

Love him or hate him, Kenneth Copeland makes for a pretty righteous heavy metal vocalist when aided by the amazing riffs of Andre Antunes.

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