A South Lubbock pizza restaurant and bar has closed for major plumbing repairs after having issues since the eatery opened. Brooklyn Pizzeria and Wing Bar (5217 98th St #600) saw this past Sunday (6/18/2023) as their final day in operation until their issue is resolved.

Additionally, they are having a massive sale of kitchen equipment and dining room furniture as their reopening will feature a currently undefined change in the food service. Brooklyn Pizzeria and Wing Barmade the closure announcement on the restaurant's Facebook Page:

The equipment sale was posted in the ever-popular LBK Foodies group:

We are closing down for major building repairs and changing the food service after the repairs are completed. So, we are selling everything, everything. Please message with any questions or come by WEDNESDAY [6/21/2023], between 11am and 2pm to look and pick up. It is all in really good condition. All reasonable offers will be accepted. See y'all soon,

Included in the sale is a wide variety of both back-of-house equipment and dining room furniture like chairs, bar stools, benches, tables, coolers, fryers, ranges, mixers, and even flat-screen TVs.


This may be an excellent opportunity for local restaurants to make affordable upgrades or expand their current equipment and furniture.

While we do not know exactly what the future will hold for  Brooklyn Pizzeria and Wing Bar, I wish them nothing but success when they return- in whatever form they choose. Lubbock has recently seen an onslaught of permanent closures, so it's nice to see that Brooklyn Pizzeria and Wing Bar very well may be able to rise from their current problem and come back even better.

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