We received an email this morning from a frustrated Lubbock resident claiming they have reported illegal dumping to the city for 6 months without any assistance.

The alley near their residence is now home to a couple of nasty mattresses, a refrigerator, and other random odds and ends that don't belong there.

According to TexasDisposal.com, illegal dumping is "the unlawful act of disposing trash on private or public land where doing so is not permitted. This includes discarding items like appliances, tires, household garbage, construction debris, autos, and yard waste."

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The email states, "This is the dumping we have been reporting to the city on a weekly basis for approximately six months. It’s between Kewanee and Kline Ave between the streets of 27th and 28th. The city just gives a generic response that they will see if a crew can come out."


Illegal Dumping in Lubbock

If there are no consequences for leaving crud out in your alley, then what's the point of hauling something to the dump? I've got a couple of lazy boy chairs and an old bed that are taking up space in my house because I haven't been able to get them to the dump to dispose of them properly. Maybe I should just toss them out back and see what happens. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it much.

Is your alley full of junk? Have you been ignored by the city, too? Comment on our Facebook page if you're frustrated with the lack of effort our city shows to keep Lubbock clean.

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