The Texas Bucket List recognized Dirk's Signature Chicken and Bar as a one-of-a-kind bucket list destination for Texas eats. If you've ever had a bite to eat at Dirk's, then you already know it holds a very special spot in the heart of Lubbock residents.

YouTube, The Texas Bucket List
YouTube, The Texas Bucket List

It's pretty cool to see it recognized in season 21, episode 2 of The Texas Bucket List on YouTube. Check out the video below:

The chicken at Dirk's is incredible, but my favorite thing on the menu is actually the shrimp and grits. I usually get it with a side of fried okra, or mashed potatoes and jalapeno bacon gravy. That gravy SMACKS, y'all. It's so damn good. They've also got excellent oysters.

Is anybody else drooling? I'm suddenly having a lot of trouble focusing...

If you've never been before, check them on for brunch on Sunday for chicken tenders, a glazed donut, and fries! Don't make any other plans for the day. You're going to need a nap. They don't play around.

Do you have a favorite Lubbock restaurant that you think should be featured on The Texas Bucket List? I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to email me at for a chance to be featured in an article. I'm always looking for new places in town to try out.

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