My best friend is obsessed with chicken strips. It doesn't matter what restaurant we go to, she always orders them. She says she tries the chicken strips before anything else, because if they can't get those right, then she doesn't trust the rest of the menu. I think she just prefers them, but whatever. We've been friends for 20 years, and I've learned not to question her chicken strip love. It isn't worth the argument.

I'll admit, my favorite place in Lubbock to get them is probably Jazz Lousiana Kitchen. The strips are HUGE. I can't ever finish them and always end up taking a to-go box of them home with me. No complaints. They are delish.

Are you craving some? I put out a poll online to ask Lubbock residents which restaurants they enjoyed chicken strips from the most. These 8 places were named more than any other restaurants.


8 Lubbock Restaurants With Delicious Chicken Strips

Do you have a favorite place in Lubbock for chicken strips that wasn't mentioned? I'd love to add it it my running list of the best places in town. Feel free to email me at and I'll update the article!

And, if you're hungry for something a little different, keep scrolling for some ideas on where to have dinner tonight in the 806. Don't forget to support local businesses as often as you can! Skip the chains, support your neighbors, and try a local restaurant in Lubbock tonight.

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