Local retail manager, JJ Howell, has been doing his best to keep employees happy and pumped up for another day at the South Plains Mall with hilarious little quotes,  messages, and jokes that he thoughtfully types at the top of their daily task lists.

Some of them are motivational, some of them are downright ridiculous, and others are just a mix of it all. Not only does Howell manage a store, but he is also a local stand-up comedian with a knack for cracking people up.

Every once in a while, he will send me a photo of his daily motivational message. He knows that I need them, too. I've been saving them all to show off in an article someday. Today is the day!

Managers like JJ are the kind that employees wake up each day and look forward to hanging out with. He's really a fun guy and takes the time to make sure everyone is happy. He has taken great care of one of the most popular stores in the South Plains Mall, and it seems like he truly cares about his employees and the experience customers have when they walk through the door.

I asked him if it would be okay to share a few of them with you. Maybe they will brighten up your day, too. Enjoy!

I hope you got a little laugh out of those! I always do. Thanks, JJ, for being one of the reasons people enjoy working at the mall. Keep it up!

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