This Sunday the great moon god will eat the great sun god, well mostly.  The sun will be going  behind the moon perfectly in Lubbock for the first time this century.  This is known as an annular eclipse and barring cloudy skies, you should be able to see it here.  More after the jump.


The sun should start heading behind the moon right around 7:30 in the evening with the full eclipse  visible about an hour later. This will produce the 'ring of fire' event and should be quite a site.  Now, this is a spectacle that is happening right over Lubbock (check out the video below).  Persons north of us will see variations of this spectical, but this is apparently a once in a century treat for people right here in the Hub City.  Lubbock is also where the phenomenon "ends" so the eclipse will be followed by dusk . Please keep in mind that you are still looking partially at the sun and you should use proper eye protection or use an indirect viewing method. The best thing possible is a #14 welders helment. For more information on the eclipse, click here.

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