A local CBD store in Lubbock was pissed to find their security cameras had been ripped off of the front of their business. Now we can all ponder whether it was simply taken straight to the pawnshop, or if perhaps the robber is ALSO concerned about his own security and theft of his/her personal property. The irony.

Local CBD American Shaman owner Jen Davis Diaz shared the news on her Facebook page:

Crime rates in Lubbock have skyrocketed, and I wouldn't be surprised if more businesses fall victim to the security camera snatcher. It seems that even the criminals in town are worried about stuff being yoinked from them. The audacity one has to steal a camera that probably directly uploads footage to a phone or computer is pretty ridiculous.

I mean...it's a camera, and there you are, on-camera, stealing it.

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If you're at the point in your thieving career that you need to steal a security camera, perhaps stop and think about better things you could steal that wouldn't ruin someone else in Lubbock's day completely...like...

Now you're on your way to making Lubbock a better place, and still getting your sticky finger kicks. I call that a win-win.

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