Security camera footage from Lubbock tire shop, Crest Tires, showed a man looking through a huge pile of tires after hours. Employees believe that he may be looking for a certain size. Instead of being upset that someone was digging around in some of their old tires in the dark, they posted the video along with a very kind gesture, offering the unknown man a free tire.

The video on their Facebook page was shared along with this message:

"The way this gentleman is looking through the deads, leads us to believe he is looking for a certain size. If you know him please have him come to shop on 34th. We will get him a tire. Listen folk's our deads are absolutely no good. It's the last stop for a tire before they get turned into mulch, dog toys, roof material, yard material ect.. We try to help everyone we can. If you can't afford a tire come talk to us. We will do our best to help you. TIA!"

It's incredibly thoughtful of them to offer someone down on their luck a helping hand. They could have been angry about it, or maybe even reported it, but instead, they chose to do good. I think that's really awesome. It's always so nice to see local businesses helping out their community, and it certainly inspires others to bestow similar acts of kindness.

I'll be going to Crest Tires when the time comes to replace mine. Good people are the ones I especially enjoy spending my money with.

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