I didn't know how bad Lubbock water tasted until somewhere around college when I met people from other cities. They grew up with good-tasting water. And they knew how bad our water is. But do you?

I dated a girl in college from the hill country. The drinking water they have there is really clean and clear. See, the thing about water is that it's NOT supposed to have a taste. Water, if it's good, is so clean and clear that there's nothing there to give it any flavor. If you can taste your water, that's not a good thing. So I started drinking the filtered stuff and that made all the difference.

Plus, if you've ever driven anywhere else in America you'll notice that the water "tastes" different everywhere you go. You should also notice the public water signs at the city limits, too.

There are three stages of water: Superior, acceptable and don't even wash your dishes with this crap. Places like Dallas and Austin are superior. Lubbock is acceptable -- which is really just one step above the bottom. I would like to think that when it comes to the one thing all life needs to survive on this planet, water, that we would aim for the best possible and not settle for just something that hopefully won't kill us. But here we are.

So how do you know how good your water is? Go to this site and take a look. They list the different things found in our water, all across America. And they list if the water system has been in compliance with national standards for water or not. You'd be surprised at how many places aren't compliant. And for how long!

Now, I don't think we need to freak out that we're all going to get cancer from our water...yet. But this would be a great starting point to maybe trying to improve the water we do drink. I still to this day won't drink tap water in Lubbock. I use a five-gallon cooler at home and it's awesome. I drink water all day and I've never felt better. Try some good water and you'll see the difference.


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