On Thursday, August 10th, the Lubbock City Council met to discuss a wide range of topics. And you better believe the issues involving LP&L and the City Water Department were brought up by angry citizens.

Citizens are not happy with the huge increases in their bills – electric, water, or both.

And citizens asked the City Council to help with these issues.

Mayor Dan Pope has asked the city manager to schedule “Problem Solving Sessions” in which LP&L and water department reps would be able to answer questions.

Now is where my thoughts come in.

There have been numerous reports on radio, TV, and the paper that show meter readers were either inaccurate in their readings or just skipped meters period. That is an LP&L problem that should have been addressed. LP&L has claimed that the misread rate is very low, but I beg to differ.

How many folks actually compare their meters, both water, and electric, to the bill?

I do, every single month. I have had once misread so far, this summer, 2 last year and 4 in 2013. All water, not electric. I also have a digital meter on my electric, those are VERY HARD to misread, but I am sure it has happened. My mother has an old school meter that is as old as her house, yet it has been misread numerous times over the last years.

At the end of the day, these “Problem Solving Session” are nothing but PR and Political feel good stories. Nothing will actually come of it. LP&L and the water department will continue to treat the hard-working citizens like idiots for not understanding how to read a bill or a meter. (Side note: I believe more people know how to read their bills and meters and understand the difference between who runs electric and water than the city thinks.)

At the end of the day, we are stuck with LP&L and the City for our water needs. We, as citizens, just have to remain vigilant and continue to question both departments when things do not look right!


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