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I know I'm stir crazy as hell right now. I miss live rock shows more than anything, and it's looking like I won't be able to go to any of the four major shows I planned on attending this year. I miss my friends desperately, and I really really miss our events together- whether it was conversations at remotes for FMX or watching a movie together at Alamo Drafthouse.

Call me a "snowflake" if you want I guess. But I do care deeply about your safety. It's not a liberal thing (I do not consider myself a liberal) its a MOTHER thing. And a friend thing. I am a total mommy at heart and I will stay awake at night worrying about the people I love- including you. Also, this snowflake grew up in Texas and owns firearms, so... idk why anyone would think that about me, to be honest. I'm nothing special, I don't deserve anything more than what everyone else has that they worked for.

But in spite of everything that's going on- it's still possible to live life richly and fully, even if my favorite bar is still closed. Reach out to your friends and let your vibes decide who needs to hear from you the most. Your intuition is a powerful force for good. Listen to it, and find the person who needs you most. Remind them that you love them. There's nothing more manly than a guy who can take charge of his feelings and use them to be compassionate and kind. That kind of swagger screams confidence. The same goes for ladies- confidence and kindness are the most beautiful way you can be.

Let's try not to let everything always divide everyone up into groups. It's tribalistic, primitive, reductive, and dangerous. Honestly, you're smarter and better than that. And if you're paranoid of the "powers that be", whoever they might be, I guarantee dividing us over silly things is part of their plan. We can disagree and still care about each other and want what's best for each other. I've been guilty of "me vs you" mentality before and will probably be guilty of it again. But as rockers, we are already othered by the mainstream. We need to stick together or we will be torn to pieces.

Whether you chose to go out into the world, or stay home, I want you to be safe. Viruses give nary a single sh*t about your feelings or affiliations. Again, this is the MOMMY in me telling you to wash your damn hands and cough into your elbow at the very least. Even if you don't take COVID-19 seriously, you still don't want it, the flu, or a random bout of explosive diarrhea. And the MOM in me is telling you that if you decide to stay home, at least call your friends and get some sunshine so you don't go insane.

Yes, I read the comments. Yes, when you make fun of me it hurts my feelings. I'm tender-hearted. But please consider that my aim is true, and I have no agenda save for caring deeply about you. And if you don't like it, too bad, you can't stop me.

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