On May 17th, 2024, around 11:45 pm, Ark Hospital For Pets located at 9006 Ave P, was involved in a hit and run by a GMC Yukon that devastated the front of their building, damaged equipment, and left employees picking up the pieces.

Office Manager Karen McCain said,

"There's no glass left on the front of the building that isn't broken. It affected our phone system, computer monitor, and the printer is damaged, as well as a security camera. We will also have to replace and repair the brick across the front of the building."

Luckily, no animals or workers were injured during the crash. The office cat who roams the clinic was also able to scurry away unharmed. McCain says that an eyewitness told them that the man driving the Yukon didn't fare as well and was seen leaving the scene of the crash with a bloodied face. Authorities arrived afterward and towed the Yukon.


The matter is still under investigation, and the man has not been identified.

They'd be so grateful if you'd like to help out the Ark Hospital For Pets. They are currently waiting for a full assessment from their insurance company, but you can reach them by phone at (806)745-2955 or online here. They've also said a monetary donation can be made to the SPCA.

If nothing else, maybe send them a little love, especially if they've helped your pets out of a sticky situation. Here's to hoping their building looks even better after the unplanned renovations.

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