When I told a coworker that I was going to write about the Corn Maize today, he said, that makes me what to believe cooler weather is coming." Boy, I sure agree with that sentiment. Like many of us Lubbockites, I long for that sweet first breeze of Fall, a feeling I find so beautiful each year that I have to hold back tears.

One of Lubbock's best Fall traditions for years has been At'l Do Farm's Corn Maize. It's quirky and country, but also impressive and incredibly entertaining. The grounds are lovely, and the "maize" is fun to navigate (and a little spooky if you go after dark). And who doesn't love to shoot the corn gun? And I just love to pet the adorable barn animals.

Photo by Burst on Unsplash
Photo by Burst on Unsplash

At'l Do Farms (6323 FM 1294, Lubbock) will open up the Corn Maize from September 16 - November 4. And that's only two months away. Hang in there, Fall will come eventually, I promise

We've been hard at work all year & we're SO looking forward to sharing the projects we've been working on! New buildings, new plants, new animals, new foods, & much more ... but still the same farm you've been making memories at for years.

There are plenty of other Fall favorites to look forward to as well, including haunted attraction Nightmare on 19th Street, The Garden & Arts Center's Fall Festival, The City of Lubbock's Pumpkin Trail and so much more. Just hang on to your cozy sweaters, people (but definitely don't put them on yet).

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