Lubbock's own Inkmaster Mike Diaz is using his using his incredible tattooing skills not only on award-winning artistic pieces, but also to help breast cancer survivors.

In most cases, breast tumors require the removal of much of the breast tissue, and mastectomies are the best option for many women. Breast implants can restore the shape of the breast. However, that still leaves the woman without nipples or areolas.

Enter Mike Diaz's incredible attention to detail, mastery of light, and his eye for true symmetry. In fact, the tattooed nipples look so realistic I was told by my editor I couldn't just post the images here. Instead, I will link to them on Mike's page (possibly NFSW).

If you or someone you love has had mastectomy surgery and are interested in tattooing, you can find Mike at Sunken City Ink, located at 4033 34th St.

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