I learned something new today that I thought you might not know. Then again, maybe you do know, and I was just in the dark about it until this morning. I'd never given much thought to it at all until I came across a post by the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center.

You can't have a rooster inside of the city limits in Lubbock. One was discovered yesterday off of the 3300 block of 28th street. Lucky for the little guy, he was quickly adopted to a "nice country home" outside of town.

Check out how cute he is below:

I've never seen a rooster roaming around town, and I guess that's why. I'm clearly not much of a country girl. If I was, I'd be well aware of those rules.

I lived in a rural area of Texas for a period of time, where having a rooster in your backyard was pretty common. It never crossed my mind that they weren't allowed in town. You also aren't allowed to have more than 6 chickens in Lubbock without the proper permit. Good to know in case I ever give up radio and start up a chicken farm or something...

It's highly unlikely, but hey, you never know. Sometimes I drink too many margaritas and order things I don't need from the internet. A slew of chickens is not out of the realm of possibility.

Do you have chickens? What's that like? Tell me about it in the comments on our FMX Facebook page. Maybe I'm missing out on some awesome pets and great scrambled eggs.

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