Holy moly, our girl Maria Brink and her band "In This Moment" are finally getting recognized.  Now before I get much further, I'm going to tell you that this video is not that good, but you do get a good idea of what is going on.   Maria and Chris have been flying the "In This Moment" flag since 2005 (after briefly being known as "Dying Star".  Since that time they've hit the Hub a few times and have built a following through hard work, harder touring and dramatic leaps in songwriting.  Around these parts, some Lubbock rockers were so into the song "The Promise" that they have the words tattooed on them.  Guess what?  Most rock stations in the U.S. did not get behind the band or the song.  More after the jump.

There are still some radio stations that do not 'get' In This Moment.   "Blood" is currently stalled at #25.  Even though his would mark the highest charting In This Moment song ever, it embarrasses me for other radio stations.  In Lubbock, our #1 request far and away is "Blood".  Other artists are noticing the bands growth as well.  Bands like Shinedown have too much at stake to let poseurs up on stage; they'll only let you up if you're the real deal.  Evidently Brent and the boys have taken a liking to Maria and she's now partying with the band on stage.  Enjoy this brief snippet of Maria busting out some vocals (alongside one of the greatest vocalists in the world) at the Uproar festival.