Some people might find it amusing. Personally, I think it makes them look like a bunch of jerks.

The Marshall Police Department put out a picture of their K9 drug dog with this statement:

To ensure everyone has a safe 4/20 day, we are offering to test your marijuana for FREE to make sure it's real. Just personally deliver your stash to the PD and K9 Amor will check it out. If it's real, you could receive a free stay in the finest resort in Harrison County.

marshall police 4-20
Marshall Police Department via Facebook

Of course, there's no "testing." It's just a stupid attempt to see if there's anyone dumb enough to fall for this kind of gag. Well, it might be amusing if it was original, and if we hadn't seen so many positive stories about the therapeutic cannabis go by.

We've reached a point in history where people have realized the benefits of marijuana, realized the futility of the drug war and have seen the devastation of lives that have been ruined by ridiculous incarceration for weed. The former Speaker of the House is now a lobbyist for a growers concern, and the Senate Minority Leader is introducing a decriminalization bill.

Yeah, "it's a joke" -- I get it. It's tone-deaf. I firmly believe that one of the reasons why people don't seem to have proper respect for authority is things like this. For decades, the government, police and other authority figures threatened people over "killer weed," when most everybody knew/knows it's next to harmless. How do you expect anybody to believe anything you say, when you tell with lies as big as this?

More importantly, to the police in Harrison County, remember: If you act like a dick, you'll be treated like one, too. Be better than this. The drug war is almost over, and marijuana is winning.

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