When disaster strikes, especially so very close to home, it's natural and honorable to have the desire to help out. But what if your help is unhelpful, or even detrimental? Some items, particularly used clothing, are not as in need as many people think- and can even end up clogging up space that would be better utilized in another way. All those old T-Shirts that get "donated"? Probably sent on to the trash.

After recently suffering from a devasting tornado that claimed the lives of four people, Matador, Texas has seen an outpouring of help. While deeply appreciated, the time for most types of donations is over for now, according to the Matador Fire Department:

Matador does not have any unmet needs at this time and would ask that people would stop sending water, food, and supplies as they are unable to store anymore supplies.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

What Matador needs now, and will continue to need for quite some time, is monetary donations to help people rebuild their homes and their lives. Donations are being accepted through a relief fund set up through Happy State Bank. There are many branches in West Texas, including two in Lubbock, if you would like to drop off a donation. You can also donate more broadly to the American Red Cross, which is usually the front line in any disaster like this.

Low on funds, but still want to help? Put that can back in the cabinet and go donate blood. It may not go to someone in Matador, but it will certainly go to someone who needs it desperately.

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