It's easy for those of us in Lubbock to think that life is back to normal, but for many Texans, it is not.

Mathew McConaughey has announced in a tweet a concert/event/telethon to help Texas who are still trying to get back on their feet.

A separate tweet describes the actual event as:

We’re Texas - a virtual fundraising concert and event hosted by me for the people and places affected by Winter Storm Uni. We’ve got some of the biggest talents in music with soulful performances and real life stories from Texans that all speak to the heart of the Lone Star State

We are still awaiting more details on the event and we will let you know every little detail as they become available.

McConaughey has just become a number one selling author and for good reason, his book Greenlights is part autobiography, part motivational, and part zen. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and breezed right through it. Every once in a while you hear someone described as a "citizen of the world" and that's McConaughey (even though his favorite spot in the world is Texas).

These last few years have been hard on celebrities and actors, and that's okay because they've enjoyed a lot of things that regular folks are jealous of. Now, is a good time to remember and those celebrities who do give back and use their clout to pull together events such as this. The politicians who let us down, that got us into this situation, by not doing their jobs at the most basic levels, could have been the ones to put this together, but they lack the imagination, the contacts, and the charisma to get it done. That's okay, you guys go on vacation and we'll get it done ourselves.

Watch for more details on the "We're Texas" benefit.

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