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I’m pleased to introduce you to meme queen, comedian, and all-around funny lady, Virginia McMurdo. Her hilarious, edgy, and sidesplitting memes have spread across the internet like wildfire. If you haven’t seen them yet, today is your lucky day.

Born and bred in Lubbock, Texas, Virginia was never shy and ran straight toward the stage any chance she had to perform for others. She had a knack for humor and the spotlight, spending many years in community theater. She even sang opera in college, where she met her husband. Virginia settled into mom life, but never lost her spunk for performance, nor her desire to make people laugh.

She told Lubbock's Rock Station, 94.5 FMX a bit about when it all began:

"I started making memes around Christmas of 2018. It was honestly because I had just had my 4th baby and I really did get post-partum depression," she said. "I was just sitting there in the winter thinking, 'I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud.' I started thinking about structuring my humor around images and all of the stuff I found funny about parenting."

Lo and behold, @lifeandtimesofmom was born. The popular Instagram page now boasts a whopping 38,000 followers, including internet sensation Tiffany Jenkins of @jugglingthejenkins, as well as @TheDad, and stars like Anna Paquin and Evan Rachel Wood.

Virginia told 94.5 FMX that she isn’t stopping at memes and has plenty of plans for the future:

"I have a dream of writing a funny book about things from my past, and I would love to get out and do some stand-up comedy as soon as the pandemic settles," she said.

When Virginia isn’t cracking us up with her ridiculous take on parenting, she's raising four feisty children with her husband Justin, a guitar director at a high school in Estancia, New Mexico.

See some of Virginia's memes below:

5 Funny Memes From Lubbock Native Virginia McMurdo

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