Show season is about to hit Lubbock, and hit Lubbock hard. In addition to Jinjer, Cradle of Filth with Devil Driver, Papa Roach, and more, it's going to be a heavy Summer/ Fall season in the 806. All I can say is God Bless the promoters who are making the magic happen after a spring season of live music starvation.

J & B Production is one of Lubbock's most prolific promoters, and they are bringing in New York metalcore masters The Acacia Strain. Now, our show season is truly a well-rounded repertoire of hard rock and heavy metal that we can be proud to attend. The Acacia Strain will perform at Jakes Backroom (50th & Slide) Saturday, September 2nd. Yes, we are getting a metal show on a Saturday!

The Acacia Strain will be supported by Judiciary, Mugshot, and No Cure. Tickets are available online or at Ralph's Records (82nd & Indiana). Advance tickets are $20, $25 at the door. Be a winner, buy your tickets in advance. It's better for you, and its better for getting more shows booked more often.

The Acacia Strain is on tour in support of their new album Step Into The Light, described by a New Noise Magazine reviewer as, "a gripping listen that delivers a brutal display of songs that ache with pain."

Step Into the Light is a tour de force. It is a decimating display that shows complete understanding of the genre and the band itself.

In my opinion, metal is always best served live and loud. Thanks to Jake's consistently great sound mix, this show should be a sonic experience worthy of your Saturday, It's probably a great way to dance out some aggression too. Have fun, and stay out of the pit unless you wanna take some (well-meaning) hits.

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