A video shared on Facebook of what appear to be women and children crossing the border into the United States is gaining attention on Facebook.

Facebook user Rock Velasco publicly shared the video yesterday, without any context, only the word "wow" was above the video.

It depicts dozens of people waiting in line to take a shifty boat ride across a river, guided by a man in a black mask, who paddles them across to the other side. The passengers take off their life jackets and exit the boat quickly, carrying only a few belongings. Many of them are holding their shoes in their hands, likely to avoid stepping in water.

The video's authenticity was later confirmed by CNN and appears to be the same group as video shot by the news outlet itself. CNN's video shows dozens of people waiting for the boat to return for their turn to cross the river.

The mood in the video isn't somber or sad, and you can hear the audio and some laughing when someone gets their feet wet in the water.

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After the initial group of people are dropped off by a man wearing a balaclava, he hops back onto the boat, turns around and seems to head back for the next round of passengers. The paddling by the guide looks like no small feat, and the water is not incredibly slow. It would be quite the work out.

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