Hey, want to know something about the Supreme Court? Just ask that guy in high school who was held back in reading.

Let's start this post by saluting Ruth Bader Ginsburg (rest in peace) for her service to our country. Like her or not, she did more for the country before one lunch than most people will do in their entire lifetimes. It would have been EASY for her to retire and pick up a really, really, high-paying consulting job, but she felt she had a duty. Heck, even our own governor ordered flags to fly at half-mast to honor Ginsburg. You just don't see that kind of bipartisanship much anymore.

Now, on with the s***show!

So now comes the bickering online. And why? There is nothing you can do to help. Your opinion is nothing. Whether it's fair to replace her means nothing. There is zero you can accomplish by looking up articles and quoting law to the dumb-dumbs on your feed. The only thing you can do is hold everyone involved in the process accountable by voting and encouraging your like-minded friends to vote.

Remember, almost 40 percent of the voting-eligible people out there don't vote at all. I suppose at some time you can volunteer for one of the city's boards or run for office, but arguing online accomplishes nothing -- even if you win.

I say all this because I can see this being a major talking/arguing/sparring/fighting point over the next couple of months. You can quote the law, stomp your feet, etc., and it just won't matter. (I supposed you could nut up and at least place a call to your representative.) Just register to vote, and vote. 

You have until October 5th, 2020 to get registered in Texas.

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