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This year will never be forgotten, but one group who will most certainly remember this year during which the world struggled to combat a new virus is the Class Of 2020.

Graduation ceremonies, proms, parties and so many more traditional experiences shared by a senior class have either been canceled or dramatically altered to account for the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, which is why recognizing this year's class is so important.

Sharing some of the names and faces of the Class of 2020 won't replace the lost opportunities to form lifelong memories with classmates, but we hope that this year's senior class knows we don't take lightly that they are missing out on so much.

Due to the number of entries already received, it would take months to recognize each senior individually. Rather than allowing one student to be lost in a sea of online information, I felt it best to recognize seniors as a group from the school they will forever call their alma mater.

They may not be able to celebrate together in person, but we can help them celebrate together online.

Meet Five Members of the Frenship High School Class of 2020

Haley Walker

"Haley is a strong will person who has a big heart for herself and others. She was so excited to finally call herself a senior, with the motivation to graduate early, she had to unfortunately experience it a sad moment and missed out on so many ending memories. Although she has not let that stop her. She is leaving in July to attend Temple University where she will do big things in life. She has her mind set on a dental hygienist or a nurse. She is always caring for others and her life career is a way that she can continue helping others. We wish her the best and we know she will succeed at whatever she chooses in life!"

Justin Kitten

"Justin has been an AB student for his entire school career. He was a member of the Frenship drumline up until this year when he decided to concentrate on church band and working. He is an active Youth member and on the worship team and Youth worship team at The Heights Fellowship. He plays drums, bass guitar and keys for Jesus. He has been a Youth leader, volunteered at Lubbock Impact, help with varies faith-based local organizations, and is teaching other youth to enjoy drumming as much as he does."

Aubree Wilson

"The most responsible, respectful, hardest working senior! Congratulations Aubree may you dream and live big!"

Bryce Granado

"He played on the varsity basketball team. We are so proud of him and what he’s accomplished this year."

Nathan Gaitan

"He is the oldest out of 8 grandchildren and is the first to graduate! It’s a very special event and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!"

We want to wish all the best the future may bring for Haley, Justin, Aubree, Bryce, and Nathan as they leave Frenship High School to continue the journey continuing their education at their chosen college.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

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