In a new interview on Jon’s Untitled Podcast, Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett gave hope to those wanting the band to reunite. He essentially said that it will eventually happen, just not right now, (as transcribed by The PRP).

"We’re all flattered that everyone still wants Mudvayne to tour and do a new record and come out and do all that stuff," he explained. "The thing is is that everybody is in three different bands and kinda doing their own projects, and there’s no time for that right now."

Vocalist Chad Gray is working on the new Hellyeah album (which will feature the late Vinnie Paul on drums), and Tribbett plays in Audiotopsy with drummer Matthew McDonough and bassist Ryan Martinie both working with Soften the Glare.

“People just need a little more patience, I know 10 years is a long time, but… they’re doing the same thing… they say the same thing about System of a Down, you know they haven’t put out a record in 12 years and the fans are begging for them." You can listen to Tribbett's episode in full below.

Mudvayne released their last studio album, which was self-titled, in 2009. The band went on hiatus in 2010 and its future has been uncertain ever since.

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