Thanksgiving is very close that I can just taste it. No really I went out and bought the best tamales in Lubbock and shared them with my co-workers and they agreed. I will make all of you wait though before revealing that information.

Now I have heard horror stories of family Thanksgivings where the wildest things happen like witty comebacks, secret second family reveals, and lost pets coming home after years missing and much more. While there are a flurry of Twitter stories and Tiktok stories about what to be thankful for there are equal amounts of videos just showcasing bad family moments.

Some topics, politics or religion, are easy to stay away and should not be talked about at all costs this holiday season. That means once uncle Jerry starts drinking and starts offending you just do not engage, its the tryptophan and beer. Other things like your relatives calling your new boyfriend/girlfriend by your exes name is not so subtle but nothing a glass of wine couldn't fix.

Sometimes things can happen before Thanksgiving that can also ruin the day or lead up to it not happening at all but that's ok, left over turkey is just as good. The Texas Department of Public Safety has stated that they would be in full force through the weekend. My advice is to be careful this Thanksgiving while cooking, on route to your destination, or just enjoying yourself because you don't want to be one of next years reasons for ruining the Thanksgiving holiday.

13 Different Ways to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Feast

13 Different Ways to Ruin Your Thanksgiving Feast

Lubbock November Thanksgiving Events 2022

How Not to Burn Your Home Down for Thanksgiving

Whether you are an absolute pro in the kitchen or your a novice with little idea of what's right and wrong in a kitchen, it's good to know safety tips so you don't burn your porch, garage, and house down. This goes for whether you are cooking the turkey in the oven, frying it, or putting it on the grill.

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