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My friend, let's call him...Sam, is a pretty adventurous eater. In fact, I consider him to be somewhat of a food aficionado, but without any pretense. Thanks to him, I had Gluehwein for the first time. I now associate the holidays with hot wine, and I ain't never going to stop.

Anyways, he probably went too far. This is a tale of adventure, intrigue, and vengeance.

Bet you didn't have what I did for breakfast. A pigeon keeps making nests on my balcony and laying eggs. It also keeps sh**ting all over and making noise, so I dispose of the eggs so I don't have more next year. I'm finally giving in. Not sure if this is rent or revenge but... Pidgeon egg (FRESH), over sliced pork loin, on buttered Scandinavian rye bread. It's very weird to cook as the whites stay translucent. Lighter texture, not too shabby. Let the comments begin.

With the current world climate (both literally and figuratively), I have thought about apocalypse food as well. But I came to the conclusion that Playa Lake geese wouldn't be safe around me. I suppose a pigeon egg makes about the same amount of sense.

Food is fundamentally cultural; there are many things we could eat that we don't because of social hangups, and many things we shouldn't eat but do because it was successfully marketed to us. People have a whole concert around eating bull balls right here in Lubbock, so I don't think anyone really has room to judge.

Whatever weird thing you decide to eat, just be sure to tag us on social media so we can enjoy your antics as well.

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