It's pretty safe to go ahead an make a list of your favorite songs for the year. At this point, not much more will be released until 2018.

It seems to me that a bit more work is going into the tunes these days, at least the ones that are successful. I would also say that all of the songs on my list have something to say. These are songs with power in them. I hope you enjoy the list and take some time to evaluate your own personal favorites and what they mean to you.

  • 1


    Marilyn Manson

    Ah, Mr. Manson. He is so good these days and so many people don't know it. He's turned into a Manson/Bowie hybrid over the last two albums. He's sleezy and scary and smart. I was singing along with this song from the very first moment I heard it. This song just entered the top ten, I hope you'll grow to love it.

  • 2

    Love Falls

    Hell Yeah

    I haven't been completely impressed with Hellyeah. Like a lot of folks, I like some of their stuff and LOVE their live performances. This song though, almost made my eyes leak. This is truly one of those songs that you listen to and go, "wow, someone understands me". It's just great writing.

  • 3

    The Doomed

    A Perfect Circle

    I am stunned that this isn't the biggest song in the world right now. This is APC mashed up with Tool and Puscifer. This is the best of all things, Maynard. It may be too long for radio or too smart for some of the folks out there, but I think in time it will be appreciated.

  • 4

    Rise Against

    The Violence

    This is what "mature" punk rock songs like; intelligent lyrics, driving guitar and tons of energy to spare. It's social commentary that nearly everyone can get behind. It teaches without preaching and it totally, completely, rockw.

  • 5

    Unf*ck The World

    Prophets Of Rage

    Sadly some folks will never get to love Prophets Of Rage because they just don't agree with the bands' politics. Oh well, that's more for me. These guys can deliver a message and monstrous guitar and bass hooks at the same time.

  • 6

    Song #3

    Stone Sour

    I've loved pretty much everything Stone Sour has done. They could take a collective dump in a bucket and it would probably sound good to me. Joking aside, the lyrics on this track are amazing. I would say that Song #3 is Stone Sour's "Everlong".

  • 7

    By My Side

    The Interrupters

    I read that this band was going to open the Green Day tour so I looked them up. I immediately bought the c.d. and started looking up their videos and other stuff. The only reason why this is #7 instead of #1 is that I realize ska/punk is a really hard sell around these parts. Truth be told, I've listened to this c.d. more than all of the rest on this list combined. Technically, this song is a carryover from 2016 as well.

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