I had already planned to check out Johnny Handgunn throw down at The Depot District Oyster Bar, but what I didn't expect was a who I would be hanging with all night.

When I came on air last night at 7, my phone rang and it was Wes Nessman asking what I was doing on a Friday night. In most cases he calls to make sure that I am not acting up and causing trouble, but this phone call was different. I think Wes was looking for trouble.

We make our minds up to hit the Depot District on a Friday night. Now, Johnny Handgunn doesn't go on stage until 11pm so Wes and I need to kill some time and I talk him into riding with me to see my little brother who works at The Library. If you frequent the Depot District then you know that there are dress codes that they will enforce, especially when you are dressed like Wes Nessman. He is in his usual attire: combat boots, cargo shorts and a sleeveless FMX shirt. Well when you're Wes Nessman and myself we just walk into The Library no questions asked and we start getting our drink on!

After we bail from The Library we make our way to the DDOB to check out Johnny Handgunn and meet up with some of our friends along with two of the hottest girls from the 806. One of them was my intern, Alyssa. Props girl! Not really. I only wish she had shown up because I love her so much. We indulge in some more drinks and watch a killer set from Johnny Handgunn.

Wes and I agree that we need to get some air and start walking around the entire Depot District. Now understand that when Wes and I are together we can't be missed by any means. We both have very unique looks, but what was funny was the looks we were getting from the people that usually throw down in the Depot. We meet up with my little brother in front of Melt where he talking to a friend that is in a pretty bad spot.

My brother's friend was parked in the right spot but somebody had parked so close to him that he could even back out of his spot. So Wes Nessman says "Why can't the four of us move this pickup? If we can't do it then we are a bunch of !@(*&$ #$%@ ^ ^&&*^^.

So the four of us proceed to bounce this pickup until we move it a good foot. The bro takes his lady and gets into the car and they safely back out and continue their Friday night.

My brother, myself and Wes make our way back to the DDOB and grab our friends where we get back to The Library and finish the night off.

For being around a very different crowd than what we are used to, all the people were really cool and we didn't have one problem.

Now the next question is, did my brother, Wes and myself go home? The answer is no.

But that is a half bottle drank of moonshine story for the next time.


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