So apparently today November 3rd is National Men Make Dinner day..... NO, (I can already tell I'm gonna be in trouble for this one in one way or another.....just sayin') I'm not kidding there REALLY is such a thing.So, I pull into the gym today and as I'm getting out of the car I get a text from Woody saying....."tonight is national men cook dinner night :p....

Instantly I think well crap, it's date night too so NOW I am going to have to do more than offer to take her to Jack n the Box and buy her 2 tacos.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE date night and I LOVE to make my girl happy, but on my terms, when I WANT to and NOT because it is some "national holiday" targeted to make us men look like total jerk off's if we don't know about it or worse, we are told by our girls and still do nothing.

Let me ask you guys this, how many of you know what holiay was on Ootober 15th..... It was sweetests day.... WTH is that anyway?

I'm starting to think there is a group of men hating women sitting around dipping snuff making this *hit up and then printing out calendars and sending them to gynecologists so every women in the world will know about the "holiday" and have yet another reason to be mad at their gy for  "forgetting" what today is!

The moral of the story here guys is I am gonna have to put a little more effort into tonight to get out of it what I was wanting..... guess I better turn on Food Network and see what easy recipes or maybe I can see what Charlie Sheen cooks up for his goddess.

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