Pretty much since the inception of the internet, public and academic libraries have been a hub for free access. However, in the age of COVID-19, more people need wi-fi for work or school, and less of us need to cram into the actual library computer station itself.

Luckily, the Lubbock Public Library system is now offering free wi-fi that reaches to the parking lot, so you can enjoy free internet access from your car, or on one of the benches or even under a tree.

There are many things I would choose to change about social services, but chief among them is universally free and easy to access internet services. Radio is free and governed by the FCC, which makes it our mandate to serve the community with things like the Emergency Broadcast System and other things like fair time for political candidates and required minimum hours per year for charities.
I think it's beautiful that radio has always been and will always be free, but I think the internet should join us. The one hold back would be censorship by the FCC. We cannot use certain words on the radio, like the f-bomb and, interestingly, cigarettes. But spaces on the internet have a tendency to regulate themselves, and there's little danger you'll accidentally expose yourself to something profane you don't want to see.
Lubbock stepping up and providing, or rather extending, this service is a wonderful thing. Information should be free and easy to access for everyone, regardless of the medium.
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