Does it seem like every new restaurant opening in Lubbock is on South Slide Road? Johnny Fab's, The Plaza, Jersey Mike's, and Motomedi all come to mind off the top of my head, and I'm sure I'm missing a few more. It seems that the area is becoming a destination for dining in Lubbock.

Soon we can add to those options a location of The Brass Tap, according to our friends at Lubbock In The Loop. The Brass Tap is a taphouse franchise that boasts a massive selection of drought beers, cocktails, and a "food truck" style menu.

Interestingly, the parent company of The Brass Tap also owns Newk's Eatery. Lubbock's Newk's Eatery is located at 1500 Broadway St #101B, although these two locations could be owned and operated locally by different franchisees.

The Brass Tap has locations primarily east of us, with dense concentrations in Florida and Texas metroplex area:

So, what will The Brass Tap be like? We can gather clues from other locations and make some educated guesses. I looked over the food menu at the North Dallas location, and the "food truck" food concept is clear- grilled cheese with adult flavors like brie and blackberries, specialty pretzels/nachos/ topped tater tots, and tacos all feel like what you might get from an eatery on four wheels.

The drought selection appears to be massive, with everything from Ciders to IPAs, ales, lagers, nitros, and so much more. There is a rewards program for those who join The Brew Crew rewards system.

Welcome to Lubbock The Brass Tap, we'll be seeing you soon!

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