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I realize that a new traffic signal may not be the most titillating news, but if you live in Central-West Lubbock, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief right now.

Not only is it grating as hell to wait forever for the opportunity to turn, but it's also a major safety concern for folks who have to utilize this specific intersection.

Unfortunately, we have proof that the intersection was dangerous after a young woman was killed in a wreck there this past May. Amber Canaday lost her life at 3:30 in the afternoon, and I'm convinced her passing was completely avoidable:

According to police, the Focus [Amber's vehicle] was traveling south along Milwaukee and was turning left onto 50th when the F-250 coming north drifted into the center lane and collided head-on.

It would be offensive to her memory not to fix this easily solvable problem. And as the further stretches of Lubbock become less rural, it's absolutely vital to safety (and the easing of traffic) that our infrastructure stays up to par to meet our needs.

Here's the City of Lubbock's press release on the matter:

New Traffic Signal at 50th Street and Milwaukee Avenue

Starting today, July 16, the new traffic signal at the intersection of 50th Street and Milwaukee Avenue is operational. The City of Lubbock Traffic Operations Department will be on-site with the signal operating in an all red flashing mode while crews install the new crosswalks and stop bars.

Crews will be on-site after the signal is operating in green-yellow-red mode to finish any remaining work at the intersection. The City urges motorists to slow down and eliminate distractions in work zones for the safety of everyone on the road.

Drive safe, kids.

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