Boy, did Nintendo have a lot on its mind. The fallen gaming giant, which lost more than half a billion dollars in the last fiscal year, is plotting out its comeback. The normally tight-lipped company has a surprising amount to say about its current plight and plans to escape.

After admitting that it’s losing money on every 3DS it sells, the company announced that it will join the modern age by selling its games as downloads as well as in retail shops. The first of these games will be New Super Mario Bros. 2, which will come out on the 3DS, most likely during the holiday season.

Also, Nintendo spilled the secret that it plans on keeping the price for its upcoming Wii U console to itself for a while yet. Usually game companies use June’s E3 conference to announce the price of soon-to-be-released consoles, but Nintendo says it will be keeping that figure close to its vest. Probably because it still isn’t quite sure how much money it’s willing to lose on each Wii U it sells us.

If all else fails, Mario could go back to being an actual plumber on the side. Those guys make a ton of money.

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